• By: Mike LaLonde
  • November 29, 2022

Google Grants Compliance Program

$79.00 / Month

With our Compliance Package, we take care of making sure your account stays in good standing and follows the rules so it stays active and generating traffic for your non-profit. We’ll navigate Google’s policy changes and ongoing account issues so you can focus on improving lives.

Learn more about the details of our Google Grants compliance program here.



Compliance – Google is becoming increasingly strict about what kind of advertising they allow non-profits to run. From quickly addressing Google compliance requests to proactively monitoring ad copy rules, keyword quality scores, and ongoing changes to compliance policies, we keep your account live and generating traffic. Let us keep the traffic coming in so you can focus on changing lives.

Real-Time Reporting – We provide real-time reporting on Google Ads account performance with Google Data Studio (Looker Studio). View data over custom time frames, monitor trends, track conversions, and analyze overall performance. View a Sample Report Here

Account Updates – With our basic compliance package we don’t actively manage and expand accounts, but we do provide the tools to help you do it. From adding keywords to testing new ad copy, we provide templates to help you follow ad restrictions and stay compliant. Then, we’ll upload all the changes to your account – you don’t need to make any direct changes to the account!

Policy & Platform Changes – When Google Ads makes a change to its platform or Google Grants policies, we’ll help navigate those changes. From changing ad formats to adjustments to bidding strategies, the occasional major platform updates need to be adjusted for to maintain success.

Discounted Hourly Work – Compliance package clients save money by having a base package in place, and then only bringing us in to make changes when needed. Our discounted $79/hr rate for Google Grants clients can be used to provide additional guidance, strategy, visual designs, new setup or expansion projects, ad copy, advanced reporting, tracking, and analysis.

Advanced Help – Are you looking for a more complete strategy with active management? Our team can come up with strategies to expand your account, test ads on an ongoing basis, create additional keywords, improve account structure, and recommend landing pages and content you can produce to extend your reach. Contact us for more information about our ongoing management services, starting at $300/month!

Mike LaLonde

(Digital Marketing Specialist at Londes Digital Marketing)

After creating his first website at 14, Mike hasn't looked back. He received a BA in Economics and an MBA concentrating in marketing and finance, both from Rochester Institute of Technology. Combining his quantitative education with a creative approach to online marketing, Mike helps the LDM team focus on developing creative solutions that provide long-term ROI for clients. In his spare time, Mike enjoys weaving latch-hook rugs, boondoggle, and making turkeys out of hand tracings.


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