Google Grants Management Services

Successfully operating a Google Grants for Nonprofits account is becoming increasingly difficult. With increased compliance requirements from Google and high agency management fees, we've met many frustrated non-profits who want to use the grant but are finding it very difficult. We wanted to find a way to make this easier.

That's where our basic $79/month Google Ads Grants Compliance package comes in.

With our Compliance Package, we take care of making sure your account stays in good standing and follows the rules so it stays active and generating traffic for your non-profit. We'll navigate Google's policy changes and ongoing account issues so you can focus on improving lives.

If you've been running Google Grants for a while but results have leveled off despite continued agency fees, this package is for you. Or, if you're frustrated with your current services or haven't used a professional before, we offer consulting and setups to maximize the effectiveness of your campaign before switching to an affordable ongoing package.


Google is becoming increasingly strict about what kind of advertising they allow non-profits to run. From quickly addressing Google compliance requests to proactively monitoring ad copy rules, keyword quality scores, and ongoing changes to compliance policies, we keep your account live and generating traffic. Let us keep the traffic coming in so you can focus on changing lives.

Real-Time Reporting

We provide real-time reporting on Google Ads account performance with Google Data Studio. View data over custom time frames, monitor trends, track conversions, and analyze overall performance. View a Sample Report Here

Account Updates

With our basic compliance package we don't actively manage and expand accounts, but we do provide the tools to help you do it. From adding keywords to testing new ad copy, we provide templates to help you follow ad restrictions and stay compliant. Then, we'll upload all the changes to your account - you don't need to make any direct changes to the account!

Setups & Applications

This package is designed for organizations who already have a Google Grants account in place. However, we can help guide you through the account application process and account setup. Contact us for more information on getting an effective account set up!

Advanced Help

Are you looking for a more complete strategy with active management? Our team can come up with strategies to expand your account, test ads on an ongoing basis, create additional keywords, improve account structure, and recommend landing pages and content you can produce to extend your reach. Contact us for more information about our ongoing management services, starting at $350/month!

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