• By: Sydney Hadden
  • September 27, 2013

Product Listing Ads: Google Shopping Setup and Optimization Process

While Google Shopping certainly isn’t a new concept, (evolving from Google Product Search and Froogle) it presents an increasing opportunity to target qualified searches ready to make a purchase.  In case you aren’t familiar, Google Shopping is a Google based platform for users to search products available to purchase online. Or, if Google thinks users are searching for products, Google Shopping displays appear similarly to Adwords offering specific products related to the search term.

Items are displayed via a company selected image that displays a variety of descriptors (price, condition, brand, color, etc.).  Similar to Google Adwords, it is based on a CPC basis and can be managed through Google Adwords Product Listing Ads. The difference for advertisers is that Google Shopping needs a little bit more TLC. Between feed management, different optimization techniques, and account management, getting the most bang for your buck takes a little expertise. The infographic below lays out our general strategy to optimizing Product Listing Ads:

LDM Google Shopping Strategy

Interested in talking to us a little more about your e-commerce Adwords campaign?  You can view our full-size Google Shopping graphic along with a little more information about account optimization over at our Google Shopping Adwords page.

Here’s the text from the Infographic if you’re having trouble reading it:

Merchant Center Management

  • Account development
  • Feed specifications
  • Website development
  • Dynamic URL tracking

Feed Management

Through campaign data we analyze each product and optimize within your feed to ensure the most targeted, growth developing campaign is utilized.

  • Product tracking
  • ROI tracking
  • Reporting

Google Adwords PLA’s

  • Development & implementation of campaigns
  • Negative keyword management
  • Ad / promotion copy

Sydney Hadden

(Digital Marketing Specialist at Londes Digital Marketing)


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