• By: LDM Staff
  • November 27, 2012

Londes Digital Marketing Launches New Website

Londes Digital Marketing (LDM) has launched their new online marketing website to make digital marketing strategies and tactics more accessible to business owners and marketing managers. While other digital marketing companies often have somewhat confusing websites filled with jargon and cryptic tales of success, LDM wants to simplify the presentation and communicate value.

Londes Digital Marketing’s new website explains their approach to potential clients and follows through with success stories. This comprehensive approach reassures website and business owners with limited knowledge of online marketing of the value LDM provides. Campaign success and ROI is very clear with their in-depth reporting and analysis.

In addition, LDM has made an effort to build flexible packages that work for small businesses.

“Now you don’t need to be a gigantic company to have professional design and marketing done on an going basis,” explained Patrick King, an SEO specialist for LDM focused on small business development. “With our new packages, we can provide small businesses a wide range of services based on their needs each month. Our goal with the new site is to build a comprehensive story of what we do and show potential clients how we can help them grow.”

In addition to their commitment to providing affordable options for local business, LDM provides enterprise level SEM, SEO, and Web Analytics consulting services to businesses around the country.

“Our data-driven approach sets us apart from most other digital marketing companies. We often break out campaigns into numerous campaigns with hundreds of ad groups and thousands of keywords, allowing us to develop complex testing strategies and quickly optimize spending for our clients. The more information we have, the better decisions we can make,” explained Mike LaLonde, Managing Director at LDM.

The new website documents their approach to SEM, SEO, and Web Analytics in considerable detail. Plus, it includes a number of examples of modern design: a draggable agency page with pictures of their office, detailed introductions to team members, expandable contact menus, and more.

Londes Digital Marketing is a full-service digital marketing firm providing quantitative-based, ROI-focused strategic solutions. Clients range from local professionals to large e-commerce websites, with Londes Digital Marketing providing specialized services in SEM, SEO, Analytics, and Conversion Rate Optimization. To view LDM’s services visit their new website at


LDM Staff

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