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Working for a nonprofit organization? Our Google Grants Center can help you understand and manage your grant more effectively.
Welcome to our Google Grants Center. We know working for a non-profit can be overwhelming, often tasked with wearing many hats and covering a wide range of responsibilities while championing a cause you're passionate about.

If increasing traffic by utilizing a Google Grant is one of those tasks, we'd like to help. From enrollment and account setup to compliance and maximizing impact, we've developed a list of tools and resources to help you manage your Google Grants account more effectively. And if you decide you want professional help, we have cost-effective programs offered exclusively to non-profits.
Application & Enrollment

Application & Enrollment

Are you eligible for the Google Grants program? Applicants must meet (and maintain) certain criteria. Learn more about the enrollment process and how to take the first steps.

Check Eligibility

Do you qualify? Read to rules and see what you'll need.

Apply Now

Submit your application to the Google Ad Grants program. Go
Account Creation

Account Creation

Before your Ad Grant account can go live, your campaign needs to be approved by the Google Ad Grants team. See how to follow the rules, structure your account, write compliant ad copy, execute keyword research, and more to maximize the impact of your account.

Creation Service

Need help building your account? We have years of experience building strong accounts for nonprofits.

Account Builder Template

Get help preparing your account with our Free Account Builder Template.


In the past couple years, Google has gotten more serious about accounts staying in compliance. Frequent attention is required to keep accounts updated and active.

Compliance Package

LDM offers a compliance package for $79/month to stay on top of account issues and provide real-time reporting. Go

Compliance Guide

Learn how to keep your accounts in compliance, preventing suspension or loss of eligibility.
Reporting & Tracking

Reporting & Tracking

How is your account performing? See how to track the performance of your account, set up conversion tracking, and more to determine the impact of your grant.

Free Reporting Suite

Integrate our free reporting templates to get insights on your website performance and Ad Grants traffic.

Analytics Services

Not only can we help you measure the impact of your Google Ads traffic, but your website performance in general. Go

Conversion Tracking Guide

Traffic is nice, but engaged traffic is better. Learn how to measure traffic effectiveness and track conversions.

Google Tag Manager Guide

GTM is a script manager that can allow you to easily manage scripts and track actions. Learn how to get started!
Maximizing Impact

Maximizing Impact

Generating traffic with a Google Ads Grant account isn't as easy as it used to be. Learn some strategies on how to increase relevant traffic to your website to maximize the impact of your Ads Grant.

Account Builder Google Doc

Get help preparing your account with our Free Account Builder Template. Go

Management Service

We offer full service management to nonprofit customers really looking to maximize their grant usage.
Tools & Guides

Tools & Guides

Looking for advice and guides on how to manage your Google Ads Grants account? Use our free tools to help stay organized and speed up the account management process, and read our blogs to stay up-to-date on best practices.

Account Builder Google Doc

Get help preparing your account with our Free Account Builder Template. Go

Google Grants Blogs

Read insights from our blog to stay up-to-date with best practices and strategies to utilize your grant more effectively. Go



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