Jelte ten Holt

Jelte ten Holt is a digital nomad (though he prefers travelancer) who vagabonds around the world and writes from her many corners. He's written for a wide variety of fields, including academia, television, fantasy, SEO, marketing and blogs (to name but a few). He travels because humanity – with all its foibles and all its victories – fascinates him. This is true not just in the big scheme of things, but in the nitty gritty as well. And when something fascinates you, you study it, you read about it, you spend time on it, you try to understand it. Our species it too complex and what we know too diverse for anybody to truly call themselves an expert on it all. That said, he would contest that - with his social psychology degree, his broad interests and his global experiences (he's lived in a dozen countries and been traveling for four years) – he knows more than most. More importantly, he understands what he doesn’t know, which is possibly even more important if you don't want to sound like an idiot.

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