Apartment Complexes & Home Rental Communities PPC Services

Leverage our data from hundreds of campaigns to optimize performance, fast.

Apartment complexes and home rental communities come with a unique set of challenges from a paid media & Google Ads perspective. From navigating fair housing laws to smart geographic targeting, we have the tools and experience to set up, manage, and optimize campaigns efficiently.



After years of working in the home and apartment rental industry, we’ve developed an effective process for minimizing waste and quickly launching effective campaigns.

We create targeted, scalable campaigns designed to be optimized quickly and maximize campaign ROI. To achieve success, we define success metrics, build granular campaigns based on your goals and properties, and then optimize to maximize effectiveness on an ongoing basis. This is done by leveraging our experience in the rental industry, as well as paid media, and combining it with what makes your properties desirable.

At LDM, our data-driven approach, attention to detail, and methodical process has made us an effective partner for rental companies. Let us help your paid media acquisition strategy be a competitive advantage for your business.



Our experience managing Google Ads campaigns for apartment complexes and rental home communities across the US & Canada has given us a strong understanding of the keyword marketplace. Depending on characteristics of your properties and market, we have curated lists of keywords broken into specific campaigns and ad groups to quickly target the right audience. Examples include:

  • Location
  • # of Bedrooms
  • Type of Property/Structure
  • Rental Cost Ranges
  • Rules (such as Pets)
  • Amenities

Instead of going through weeks or months of testing to find the best keywords, our knowledge gives you a huge head start when it comes to circling in on the most effective strategies. While testing and adjustments are still integral to maximizing success, we eliminate waste by leveraging historical data and local factors to launch more effective campaigns.



Creating advanced, results-oriented goals is crucial to our lead acquisition strategy for rental companies. Due to the length of the decision making process, we use a variety of goals to measure effectiveness, including (but not limited to):

  • PDF Downloads (Floor Plans, Community Maps, etc)
  • Engagement Actions (Video watches, Visit Durations, Pages Viewed)
  • E-mail Captures / Newsletter Subscriptions
  • Leads
  • Lead Quality
  • Phone Calls
  • Phone Call Quality
  • Application Completions (or Downloads)
  • Leases

From an analytics perspective, we also like to track elements such as social media clicks, page depth, visit durations, new vs. returning visitors, and other usability metrics. The more data we have to understand the buyer journey, the better we believe we are able to optimize effective paid media campaigns.

Ultimately, we’re looking to minimize your overall cost per lease while delivering the volume you need to keep your properties fully occupied.



Exclusions for protected classes are not allowed due to fair housing laws in the United States, so we’re not able to exclude users based on common demographics such as age, race, or income.

However, we make extensive use of negative keyword lists based on our experience in the apartment complex and home rental community markets.

  • Worldwide Negatives: We exclude users with search intents for cities, states, and countries outside of your geographic area.
  • Local Negatives: We exclude users with search intents for neighborhoods, suburbs, and other parts of your city that indicate they do not wish to live in your area.
  • Buy/Sell Negatives: Exclude users searching for information on buying or selling homes, apartments, and condos.
  • Size Negatives: We exclude keywords that include sizes (Studio, 2 BR, etc) that you don’t offer.
  • Price Negatives: We use negative lists for budgets significantly different than your offerings.
  • Universal Negatives: We have a negative list for universal keywords that are common to real estate but not relevant for apartment or home searches. From legal terms and customer support numbers to university terms and market researches, we have an extensive list of negatives that we apply to each client account.

When it comes to the Google Display Network, Meta, LinkedIn, and other social networks, we often use Interest and Topic exclusions to avoid targeting users who are unlikely to be a good fit for the property.



Even though we work to launch effective campaigns with minimized waste, ongoing management is important to maximize results. Nuances in individual markets, locations, budgets, and properties cause shifts in bidding strategies to maximize results. We also actively navigate changes to advertising platforms, take advantage of new features, and engage in ongoing ad testing in search of continually improving results.

On top of standard search optimization tactics, we also help design and run promotions, develop banners and creative for visual campaigns, and work closely with your internal team to make sure strategies are aligned.



At LDM, we leverage Google Data Studio to provide real-time reporting for clients. Easily view results, toggle reporting periods, view high-level KPIs at a glance, or dive deeper into keyword performance.

Want to go deeper into your funnel? We can integrate your internal data with Google Sheets, allowing us to import it to Google Data Studio and display important down-funnel KPIs alongside paid media platform data.


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