Mike LaLonde


After creating his first website at 14, Mike hasn't looked back. He received a BA in Economics and an MBA concentrating in marketing and finance, both from Rochester Institute of Technology. Combining his quantitative education with a creative approach to online marketing, Mike helps the LDM team focus on developing creative solutions that provide long-term ROI for clients. In his spare time, Mike enjoys weaving latch-hook rugs, boondoggle, and making turkeys out of hand tracings.

Stages of the Buyer Decision Making Process: SEM Edition

Realizing that all search participants aren’t created equal is vital in understanding the fundamentals of conversion rates and putting together an effective PPC campaign.  Our job as search marketers is to break down searchers into a number of different consumer segments, targeting them in the mo...

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January 15, 2013

Using Google Tag Manager to Simplify Conversion Tracking

For whatever reason, installing conversion code (or making changes in general) to a website is often an uphill battle for marketers.  It’s even more difficult if you’re working with another company or site administrator in an agency-client relationship.  Getting approval from all the necessary...

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December 06, 2012

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